Port Operations

A port operator is port authority or company that contracts with the port authority to move cargo through a port at a contracted minimum level of productivity. They may be state-owned (particularly for port authorities) or privately run.

The work involves managing the movement of cargo containers between cargo ships, trucks and freight trains and optimizing the flow of goods through customs to minimize the amount of time a ship spends in port. Maintaining efficiency involves managing and upgrading gantry cranes, berths, waterways, roads, storage facilities, communication equipment, computer systems and dockworkers’ union contracts. The port operator also manages paperwork, leases, safety and port security.

We as port operators is working to ensure smooth port operations and avoid congestion in the harbor. We understand that it is inevitable to permanently upgrade the port’s physical infrastructure, invest in human capital, fostering connectivity of the port and upgrade the port operations to prevailing standards. Hence, port operations can be defined as all policies, reforms and regulations that influence the infrastructure and operations of port facilities including shipping services.

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